Satellite Gallery Closes

After six years in the Auckland arts scene Satellite is closing its doors.

Satellite Gallery was established in 2006 to support and exhibit the works of emerging professional artists. It embodied a philosophy of inclusiveness and accessibility alongside its sibling gallery, the Depot Artspace and provided many opportunities for artists and their audiences including the gallery, stock room and the unique ‘Pod’ initiative. Satellite also offered residencies and supported projects such as New Zealand Film evenings, theatre, and progressive musical events.

Satellite was privileged to be part of the developing practice of many gifted artists such as Link Choi, Shannon Novak, Shelley Jacobson, Brett A’Court, Caroline Herdson and Robyn Gibson, among many others.

Satellite’s vision encompassed an art world utopia, where the intrinsic value of arts practice superseded profit. While this vision sustained Satellite through many years it eventually became untenable in an increasingly challenging economic climate, especially when, as a privately owned and unsubsidised art space, survival depended primarily on the commitment of its owners.

We would like to thank all those who supported Satellite and shared the vision; staff, artists, volunteers and audiences. We would especially like to acknowledge Shelley Hargis Satellite’s first gallery manager, Robyn Gibson our inaugural resident artist and kaitiaki, designer and builder Dave Balcom, and resident curators Justin Morgan and Katrina Rose, all of whom contributed significantly to Satellite’s aesthetics, edginess, ambience and atmosphere of inclusiveness. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the vision of Linda Blincko who sees possibilities and works so hard to realise opportunities, which largely brought Satellite into being and has given it direction over the past six years.

Because we believe in the need to uphold this vision and these qualities in a world increasingly dominated by more materialistic concerns, Satellite will maintain and grow its established, well-visited virtual presence. Satellite will continue to support the artists it has previously shown with online exhibitions, links to exhibitions they are holding in other galleries and to personal websites.

We will be in touch further about the opportunities Satellite is able to offer.

Once again, from Satellite on St Benedicts, our thanks for your interest and support and our fond farewell. Do please stay in touch with Satellite online for developments and updates.

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.

Kind regards,

Lynn Lawton
Satellite owner and director